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Burial Insurance is a product that protects your family from the very high costs of funerals and burials. It covers everything related to your funeral, from the casket, cemetery plot and funeral home.

Why YOU should consider Final Expense Insurance and Burial Insurance

Your Family is Protected: Funerals and everything that go with them are not cheap, the average cost is over $8,000. Social security only pays $255 leaving your loved ones to pay the balance.

Gives you Peace of Mind
The mere fact of knowing that your friends and family will not have to fork over money at your expense can be the only reason you may want to consider a final expense policy. Funerals are costly, and people usually have the pay for them in a very short amount of time and at little notice. More likely than not, your loved ones just don’t have that sort of money lying around, and it is not something you want them to have to spend their hard earned savings on. By making affordable monthly payments for your final expense insurance, your family and friends will not have to stress about finding the money to cover your funeral.

  • Is your family prepared to pay these costs?
  • Do you want them to?
  • Affordable Reasonable Cost : Our  plans are low cost and  the money needed to pay for your funeral and burial.Give yourself peace of mind knowing these costs will be covered.  Leave Your Family With Only The Great Memories Of You! Every day you get older the price could rise. Don’t be a financial burden to your family. Lock in your rate by completing an application right now. Will you qualify ? Find out, Fill out Below: .Obtaining a final expense insurance policy is easy. You have a range of options to decide  Our application process for final expense insurance is also very simple,It also does not require you to have a mountain of paperwork and documents to qualify. Get Quote Now. We Make Applying  Easy, We care !

Final Expense Life Insurance ;We Make It Easy, We Care

Final Expense Insurance, Burial Insurance, Senior Care Plan Life Insurance or peace of mind insurance to ensure a proper burial and no stress on loved ones, children, relatives or friends. We are familiar with many cases of people being caught off guard trying to pay for a funeral. The government benefit is a “whopping” $255, for a service that costs between approx. $5,000 and $25,000 and more

Average Funeral Expense List

If you’re concerned about the extraordinarily high cost of funeral and burial services,you should be. BUT we have an affordable solution to the problem. Having a final expense plan means surviving family members won’t have to worry about paying funeral expenses. Everyone agrees that it’s the absolute minimum insurance everyone should have and it’s now available at a very low cost with no medical exam required.

Basic Expenses Associated with an Average Funeral In Some Parts of USA

  • fee for the funeral director’s services Top Expense $
  • cost for a casket Top Expense $
  • embalming:$
  • cost for using the funeral home for the actual funeral service: $
  • cost of a grave site: $
  • cost to dig the grave:$
  • cost of a grave liner or outer burial container:
  • cost of a headstone $:
  • Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home $
  • Other preparation of the body $
  • Use of a hearse
  • Basic memorial printed package

In this example the the total cost is around $9,000. There may be other mandatory fees and additional costs such as obituary listings and flowers. Keep in mind this example only contains the bare necessities.

Get Started On Your Plan Today- Put Your Plan In Place Today

With a Burial Insurance Plan, you or your family won’t have to worry about that. With the proper coverage, your family will be able to focus on you – NOT on how to pay for everything.  All you have to do fill out the quote form on this site and a local insurance professional will contact you in 24 to 48 hours. They will ask some basic questions and craft a plan tailored to fit your needs.


Keep In Mind

With Burial or Final Expense Insurance all of the costs of your funeral can be taken care of.  This allows your family to mourn without the worry of who will cover the cost. From the funeral all the way to your final resting place, the insurance costs will be covered. There are plans to fit everyone’s needs and current  health problems do not disqualify you!

Still Unsure ?

We Are Here To Help! ; Funeral Costs Can Have A Devastating Effect On YOUR Family, We believe and think you want to Protect your family and Give Yourself Peace of Mind.. We can share our own stories.

It`s absolutely essential to have a  plan in place to protect your loved ones . When you  are no longer able. Final Expense insurance will pay for your funeral service, bills and other associated costs.


The cost of an average funeral can be over 20x to 30x the government benefit and the cost increases every year. A high end funeral can cost even more , as much as $20,000 to $24,000.  Can your family afford to cover these cost? Do YOU want them to?

Burial Insurance Marketplace is Here to Help

The process to help you and your family is very simple. After completing our Customer Help Form, a consultant will begin the process of getting your plan finalized and communicate with you.

After  you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your funeral costs are covered and your loved ones will never have to worry about that  financial burden. Unlike many other insurance products, NO  need a medical exam, No long wait we make it simple  for your specific needs & situation.

Get Started On Your Plan Today

All you have to do fill out the form on this site and a professional  consultant will contact you and go over  some basic questions to help you  tailor a plan  to fit your needs. Don’t Wait!

Time For This Offer May Be Limited and every day you get older the price could rise.


Burial Insurance vs. Pre-paid Funerals

Burial Insurance – usually refers to a whole life insurance policy with a death benefit of from $5,000 to $25,000. Individuals buy this type of policy to provide money for funeral and burial costs for themselves and/or family members.

Prepaid Funeral Plan – are usually sold by funeral homes to allow you to arrange for the type of services and casket you want and pay now with a lump sum or through installments. The home either puts your money in a trust fund with the payout triggered by your death, or buys an insurance policy naming itself as the beneficiary.
The average cost of a funeral was roughly $9,000. Here we will give you a better estimate of some of the costs. Please keep in mind these figures are just estimates of the bare minimum and do not include the cost of cemetery, flowers, obituaries or crematory fees. On top of the previously mentioned costs there are other bills that also need to be considered. Any outstanding bill that has been left by the individual who has passed still needs to be taken care of.

– Credit card debt
– Medical bills
– Travel expenses for out of town relatives to attend the funeral
– Income loss

These items, if not accounted for can add up quickly and can cause some serious issue if your family is not prepared to pay for them.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
As we stated above, prepaid funeral plans are sold to individuals by specific funeral homes. This type of plan will allow you the opportunity to pay for the funeral in advance without having all of the details finalized. This option allows you to take the stress off of your family members and have all of the details and planned and ready to go upon your passing. This is a huge benefit when it comes to pre-paid coverage. You take all of the guesswork out of everything for your family members as well. Another huge benefit is that you are able to lock in today’s funeral rates and not have to worry about any type of inflation and pay for it in installments.

One of the biggest drawbacks we see with prepaid funeral plans is the locked in commitment. Some policies may not allow the flexibility you need with transferable options. What happens if you move? Things happen and life changes. This is something you want to really be aware of when initially setting up the coverage. Not only that but it also doesn’t allow your family members to pay for final expenses, it only covers the funeral at that specific funeral parlor.

Another drawback that comes with prepaid funeral plans is they are not nearly as regulated as the insurance industry. More times than not, money that should be allocated for one thing is misspent or goes missing. Your family will also miss out on any cash benefit since the funeral home only pays for things for the funeral.

Burial Insurance Plans

Burial Insurance tends to have some extra perks as compared to prepaid funeral plans. This type of plan usually refers to a whole life insurance policy that helps you and your loved ones to prepare for burial expenses.

The biggest perk with burial insurance plans is that you are able to leave your family members extra money that they can do what they will with AND it’s tax free! Whether they spend it on the funeral and final expenses or set money aside for lost wages, it is up to them.

Your family is also not restricted to a single funeral home. All the decisions are up to them on how your funeral should be held and where, which is nice if you don’t want to be locked into your burial plans for 20 years. With flexible payment plans burial insurance has some of the best perks to be offered.

Every individuals needs and qualifications   are different so it’s nice to know there are several options available here.

Finding The Best Burial Insurance
Keep in mind that your burial insurance will never be cheaper than it is today. The sooner you have it the sooner you’ll appreciate it. All the more reason to contact us!

We have helped many people find the coverage they need at a price that is affordable. We know your options and we help you sort through them – answering any questions you may have along the way. You are not in this alone.

Contact us today to get started!

Clients can purchase life insurance plans that do not require medical examinations.

Clients who do not want to take medical examinations when applying for life insurance can choose between 3 policies: simplified issue life insurance, final expense insurance or guaranteed acceptance issue life insurance.

It is now possible to compare life insurance quotes for plans that have a simplified application process on a single website. Clients can find out more about no medical exam life insurance by reading the newly released blog post.

Comparing life insurance quotes, clients will be able to find cheaper plans. It is possible to purchase life insurance without having to take medical examinations. However, clients should be aware of the fact that these plans can be expensive.

In order to improve their rates, clients should compare quotes. Since purchasing life insurance without taking medical examinations is simpler, clients should consider this option against other more traditional and low policies. These plans provide a convenient way of getting coverage and can also be purchased online. The qualification process consists of completing a simple application form.

Life Insurance Without Medical Exams – Clients Can Find Online Plans at

Clients can purchase life insurance plans that do not require medical examinations.

People wish to protect their loved ones, their assets and their future. It’s a common saying that insurance is a very great deal if you want to have your final expenses taken care of. As grim as it may sound, the costs of a funeral have grow to be increasingly higher in the last years and some can’t afford such an event with out assistance. If you believe you want extra support for covering funeral expenses, but are not willing to invest into a full life insurance, you can opt for final expense insurance.

Final expense insurance is a cheap policy which provides protection against the unfortunate – if you want a policy which will cover for your particular funeral and final expense needs, rest assured. In order to benefit from final expense insurance, you ought to make periodic payments (known as premiums) in order for your beneficiary to get the lump sum (death benefit) of funds. Final expense insurance is a less expensive and more particular life insurance policy – the rates are smaller and the coverage lower, due to the fact it doesn’t cover for as much as life insurance does.Life insurance for seniors !

 RATES START AT  As Low As  $35/month

Leave your name and number, email address and we’ll contact you shortly with your rates. Depending on your age, health and amount of coverage needed, your rates could start from as low as $1 a Day

We promise to focus our attention on your benefit exclusively.



Here’s How We Selected Which Ones Were The Best

First, all these insurance companies are very financially stable. All of them good ratings  with A.M. Best. Who rates insurance companies and they all have monthly premiums that are affordable.

Each of these carriers also cover unique  niches or different than others. We have you covered and aim to get you covered with no waiting period!

Every person might be better served by a different carrier. There is no company that is the best for everyone.

Mutual Of Omaha

First Year In Business: 1909

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.  Their premiums are consistently among the lowest, they can insure a variety of health issues, and most applicants can qualify for their immediate benefit plan.

Royal Neighbors Of America

First Year In Business: 1895

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Although they are not a household name, Royal Neighbors has an outstanding track record that spans over 120 years. They were one of the first insurance companies to insure women and children.At no additional charge many valuable member benefits to all their policyholders. You can see a list of their member benefits here.

Prosperity Life Group

First Year In Business: 1935        How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.

One of our companies we use for tobacco users.


First Year In Business: 1909    For over 100 years, Americo Life,  has been committed to providing the life insurance. Americo Life, Inc., is one of the largest independent,privately held insurance holding companies in the United States. 6.6 billion in assets for. HQ  Kansas City, MO. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company has a financial strength rating of A from AM Best    How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.  Another one of our favorites for tobacco users

Liberty Bankers Life

First Year In Business: 1958

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Liberty Bankers life can be a great fit for folks with high risk health issues, and for healthy individuals.

Sentinel Security Life sentinel security life

First Year In Business: 1948

Age Availability: 0-85

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Another favorite of our tobacco users.


1851Year Were Founded

For over 165 years, Phoenix has been helping people protect their families and provide for the income they will need in retirement. In 1851 Phoenix is founded by a group of prominent business, religious and civic leaders in Hartford, Connecticut as the American Temperance Life Insurance Company, a company that insures only those who abstain from alcohol. 1865  Phoenix insured  President Abe Lincoln. Today it is a subsidiary of Nassau Re  headquartered at One American Row, Hartford, Connecticut and has $81.6 B Gross Life Insurance In Force $5.3 B Annuity Funds Under Management.


American Republic Insurance Company was founded in 1929 by Watson Powell, a pioneer in the health and accident insurance business. owns  Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Great Western Insurance Company focuses on providing Preneed insurance to the funeral home industry and is licensed in 46 states and the District of Columbia. John E. Lindquist, owner of Lindquist Mortuaries & Cemeteries, founded the company in 1983

About Insurance Company Phoenix

For over 165 years, Phoenix has been helping people protect their families and provide for the income they will need in retirement. In 1851 Phoenix is founded by a group of prominent business, religious and civic leaders in Hartford, Connecticut as the American Temperance Life Insurance Company, a company that insures only those who abstain from alcohol. 1865  Phoenix insured  President Abe Lincoln. Today it is a subsidiary of Nassau Re  headquartered at One American Row, Hartford, Connecticut and has $81.6 B Gross Life Insurance In Force $5.3 B Annuity Funds Under Management.

About Insurance Company  

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company was originally incorporated by Pilgrim Life Insurance Company of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during 1958 as Royal Oak Life Insurance Company.  It now has over $2 billion in assets under management, and in 2017 produced over produced over $300 Million in new premium.

Again, I Thank you for the opportunity to help you.  Hopefully It was easier than you thought it would be. You are exactly the type of customer that we look for, someone who loves, and wants to protect their family, if you do know others who will also want to protect their family, like you have done, let me or them know, I promise I would offer them the same great service.

  Royal Neighbors brings its members a 117-year history of fiscal stability.  Royal Neighbors  has A.M. Best rating of A- Excellent  for overall financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to certificate holders. More than $979 million under management.        Royal Neighbors is not an ordinary insurance firm. Since 1895, it has held true to their mission to support women and those they care about by offering opportunities that other companies don’t.

In addition to coverage, value added member benefits worth hundreds of dollars are included.  Membership Savings include savings on like Dental, Vision and things such as scholarships, disaster aid, and health discounts. Attached is a Brochure with many of those value added benefits in lieu of your package being sent to your residence

About Insurance  Americo

For over 100 years, Americo Life,  has been committed to providing the life insurance. Americo Life, Inc., is one of the largest independent,

privately held insurance holding companies in the United States. 6.6 billion in assets for. HQ  Kansas City, MO. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company has a financial strength rating of A from AM Best

Burial Insurance For Diabetics Diabetic life Insurance

Quick Tip: If your diabetes is under control, you can qualify for the best burial insurance plans available. 

The entire idea of whole life insurance can be a complete turn off for a diabetic who is shopping around to find a good life insurance policy for themselves. For an individual who is suffering from a type of illness, such as diabetes, a life insurance policy can be an incredibly expensive thing to have, especially if they are in good health and are going to have to pay on this policy for the next decade or so.

This entire process often leads to them wondering if a whole life insurance policy is even a good idea for them, and if they should be looking to find a different type of insurance policy that they will be able to benefit from, instead of draining them of all of their money. One of the most important things to understand for a diabetic, is the fact that it doesn’t matter what type of insurance policy it is that you take out, it is going to cost you more than it would for an individual who does not suffer from diabetes.

The best thing for a diabetic to do is to at least come to terms on this topic, so they are able to focus on getting a policy that is going to be the best for them to pay on. There are several diabetics who have come to the fact that a burial life insurance policy is the best option for anyone, who is suffering from this disease, to take a policy out on.

A burial life insurance policy is the most common type of insurance policy that most people, who suffer from diabetes, often use. There have been several different diabetics, who have claimed that this is the best type of policy to take out for someone who is suffering from the same type of illness, and that it is the best option for a diabetic to make. When it comes to burial life insurance, you will take out a policy for a specific fixed amount that will then be paid out in the event of your death.

If you are still a young individual, then this policy is normally extremely cheap, and the reason for this is because insurance companies often times believe that you will obviously be paying for it for several years, or even decades, before they will have to pay out on your policy. You even have the ability to take out a certain amount to cover the cost for your funeral, so your family is not left with this great financial burden while they are grieving and mourning over your loss. There are, of course, higher payouts than just funeral coverage for your family, to help aid them in any financial burdens that you might leave behind you whenever you pass away.

Burial life insurance policies have been considered to be the best life insurance policies to take out for anyone suffering from diabetes. There are so many different types of insurance policies that you can take out for yourself if you suffer from diabetes, however, many of these policies are considered to be extremely expensive, and it is a much better and cheaper option for a diabetic to lean more toward the burial life insurance, because even though it will still be an expensive policy to pay on, it is still the cheapest type of policy that any diabetic can pay on for the length of their life time.

There are many important aspects to a burial life insurance policy that any individual who is considering to take out this specific policy should be aware of and understand. The first thing to understand, if you are a diabetic who is looking to take out one of these polices, is that it is one of the cheapest policies that you can take out for yourself, which helps to benefit you since life insurance policy are incredibly expensive for an individual who is suffering from diabetes.

This type of insurance policy is called a term life insurance policy, and it has lower death benefits which include $5,000 to $10,000 for the pay out. These benefits are then paid to a beneficiary, after you have passed, and this individual is able to use this money in any manner in which they see fit.

A term life insurance policy is the cheaper option to take when you are a diabetic, instead of taking out a whole life insurance policy, and burial insurance is usually a very cheap option to make. However, the amount that you will have to pay will obviously depend on what the results of your medical exam leave for the insurance company. Your age and other health issues that you might have along with your diabetes, are what the underwriters in the insurance company are going to use to determine what you will be paying toward your burial life insurance policy. You can find this type of policy as low as $5 and all the way up to $1,000, therefore, it is crucial for you to make sure and shop around to find the perfect company and policy that is going to work the best for you and fit your needs and desires for what you are expecting in an insurance policy.

In conclusion, when it comes to getting a perfect insurance policy for someone who is suffering from diabetes, a burial life insurance policy is the obvious choice to make. It is one of the cheapest and affordable policies to take out for anyone suffering from diabetes, and it has the ability to help relieve any type of financial burdens that your family members might have to deal with after your passing. You need to be sure, especially since your health is threatened with diabetes, that you have everything in order and prepared in case an unfortunate incident happens. Being prepared and ready for the worst is the best way to make sure that you are protected, your family is protected, and it gives you the relief and comfort in knowing that your family and loved ones will be taken care of after you have passed on.

Life insurance is an important thing to have in anyone’s life, especially for someone who is suffering from diabetes, and even though it might take a long process to find the best but cheapest policy for yourself, it is worth it in the end to make sure that your family and your affairs are well in order in the event of your death.

One broker that is highly rated and of the top burial insurance and life insurance brokers is